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30 Mesmerizing Photos That Will Leave You Breathless

If you find yourself experiencing a slight thrill in the depths of your stomach when peering down from the edge of a cliff or a towering office building, then brace yourself for a post that will truly tie your stomach into knots! We’ve curated 30 of the most death-defying photos out there, guaranteed to put even our most daring readers to the test.

Having a “head for heights” is great if you’re a thrill seeker or someone who has to work at high altitudes, and some people consider their tolerance for heights to be a source of pride, but many scientists consider the fear of heights to be an advantageous trait (note: this is different from acrophobia, which is an irrational and often extreme fear of heights). The famous “visual cliff” experiment proved that even year-old infants have depth perception and are less likely to approach their mother if they have to cross a glass-covered chasm that may look like a cliff edge to them.

Image credits: Gordon Wiltsie25

Image credits: unknown

Image credits: Corey Rich

Image credits: Brian Mosbaugh

Image credits: Keith Ladzinski

Image credits: Natasha Sadovskaya

Image credits: Andreas Resch

Image credits: richard0428

Image credits: Mustang Wanted

Image credits: Jordan Matters

Image credits: Lucas Gilman

Image credits: Kirill Oreshkin

Image credits: Romina Amato

Image credits: Roof Topper

Image credits: Ronny Randen

Image credits: Isaac Gautschi

Image credits: tapiture.com

Image credits: Alex Emanuel Koch

Image credits: Jared Alden

Image credits: Dan Carr

Image credits: Greg Sims

Image credits: Christian Pondella

Image credits: Alex Honnold

Image credits: Krystle Wright

Image credits: SHAMS /BARCROFT MEDIA/Barcroft Media /Landov

Image credits: Michael Nichols

Image credits: Desre Tate

Image credits: secondglobe.com

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