Nature's Breathtaking Marvel: A Towering 10-Meter Tree Trunk Gives Birth to a Massive 1.5-Meter Chili - Special 68

Nature’s Breathtaking Marvel: A Towering 10-Meter Tree Trunk Gives Birth to a Massive 1.5-Meter Chili

These are not candles for lighting but a special fruit originating from Panama. It is called Parmentiera cereifera, a small tree with rough bark belonging to the Bignoniaceae family, usually about 10 meters tall, white flowers, its fruits often grow into long yellow clusters, with the longest fruit being up to 1.5 meters long. meters.

When unripe, the candle fruit is green, when ripe it turns yellow, with many veins floating on the surface of the fruit. From a distance they look like bunches of candles dangling from trees.

The flesh and seeds of this plant are edible, contain a lot of water and have a sweet scent. Many people say that the flavor of the candle fruit is a combination of bell pepper and sugar cane, others say that it is even sweeter than an apple. Usually it is eaten raw or cooked, sometimes even processed into pickles. This is also a food rich in vitamin A, very good for the body.

Besides, the candle fruit is also considered an effective natural remedy for colds, and the roots are used as a diuretic. Although this plant is often grown in a variety of conditions, in forests with high rainfall, the candle plant grows spontaneously.

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