Unveiling Maui's Loftiest Waterfall: An Unforgettable Journey Of Spectacular Discovery - Special 68

Unveiling Maui’s Loftiest Waterfall: An Unforgettable Journey Of Spectacular Discovery

Known as the tallest waterfall on Maui, located in Hawaii, USA, the Honokohau waterfall stands at an impressive height of 341 meters, boasting natural beauty in its two-tiered cascade. Despite its recognized height, some sources argue that the waterfall actually measures 487 meters, adding a layer of controversy to its stature.

It’s no surprise that this natural wonder appeared in the movie “Jurassic Park” because it recreates, giving audiences the look and feel of a completely strange world.

The famous Honokohau waterfall is named after the long Honohokau river that flows from the top of Puu Kukui. This waterfall is not accessible by car or by hiking, the best way to see this amazing natural wonder is by helicopter tour.

Guests are advised to book in advance to avoid disappointment later. If you book tours to this waterfall through a travel agency, you will have nothing to worry about.

Visitors should also pay attention to the weather before visiting the waterfall because this area often rains. Each year, Puu Kukui peak receives more than 9,000 mm of rain, so Honokohau waterfall is said to be the area with the highest rainfall in the world.

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